From idyllic white sand bays on deserted islands to stunning rock-face vistas the Fjords of Norway are full of surprises, stunning scenery and serene sailing.

Join us in Discovering world famous land marks and hidden gems in the Norwegian Fjords. We’re building a pilot guide to the Norwegian Fjord country.

If you want to spend a season nosing up fjords and exploring countless archipelagos, or are passing through on the way to the Arctic, Baltic or somewhere past the North Sea there is plenty on offer. Cruising in Norway is amazing, and the facilities available to visiting boats a well kept secret.

On this site we want to compile as much information as we can about the numerous different places you can visit by boat in the western fjords.  We have decided to do this for a few reasons; the pilot books and guides seem out of date and don’t cover really include all the available options in one easy place. Also important information is often missing from guides such as depth, approaches, etc.  Here we want to eventually have a fairly comprehensive list of all the guest harbours, uthavns (out harbours) and a good chunk of anchorages too.


The Fjords, islands and bays offer countless opportunities to find an isolated hidy-hole away from the world to anchor up in. I don’t think we could ever provide a comprehensive list, but we have included some of our favourites here.

Guest Harbours:

Here we have chosen to class guest moorings (quays etc) located in towns as Guest Harbours. These often have more facilities such as electric, water and fuel, and are generally affordable, very conveniently located for the sights and even sometimes a part of the amazing backdrop itself. For example in Bergen you can tie up alongside the famous Bryggen, a sight that brings 1000s of tourist flocking each year.

Out Harbours (Uthavn):

Uthavn are a particularly Norwegian (or maybe scandi) thing, take an isolated bay or island beauty spot and provide  such things as wooden quay, toilet, BBQ area and a kids play area- as well as rubbish bins. And all for nothing but a small donation. This is Norway doing what it does best; getting out in nature and enjoying it with friends and family.