Grønnestadvågen, Vestre Bokn

A large bay on the west coast of Vestre Bokn offers a variety of anchoring possibilities. We went for the sheltered bay in the NE corner. We had the place to ourselves most of the evening and really enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.


The entrance to the main bay is about 1 nm N of Klepp light, and marked with a BWB tower – Adnanespyten on the Northern headland.  The entrance is wide, but there are a few rocks off the both headlands so stay well away from the shoreline.


Once in the bay the main hazards are Skibaskjeret outcrop and depending on where you choose to anchor the odd submerged or rock awash.

If you are heading to the bay in the NE corner keep well to the S of the island, as there is a rock awash to the SW (see the chart above). Once in the bay the depths go down to 11m in the middle, shelving off towards the seahouses  to NE corner. Behind the small island we had depth readings of 5m, dropping to 3m towards the northern shore.  There is another rock just off the middle of the 3 seahouses on the N shore, but it is fairly close in so just stay away from these private quays.

Another alternative for small boats is to head up the Sunnalandsstraumen (the channel to the SE). We didn’t try this option as we were operating under sail alone and it just seemed a little too tight for that sort of thing. Den Norsk Los has information about it and states the channel and rocks are well marked -so why not explore!


In the NE bay the bottom is noted as sand.  There numerous mooring bolts on the island and a few on the main shore, so you can chuck the hook over the stern and put a bow line to one of these. We had a bit of weed on the anchor and did drag a bit after the wind did 180 degrees in the night, but then we had to set it under sail alone so it wasn’t a surprise.

Mooring bolts ashore on the small island.

What to do ashore

We didn’t actually go ashore since it was raining cats and dogs most of the morning we were there, but it did look good for a bit of exploring and leg stretching. There seems to be a track leading most of the way to Adnanespyten and a few ruined farm buildings to investigate. There are also a few lakes which seem to have paths around them- it looks ripe for exploiting the Norwegian right to roam laws.

If you have folding bikes, or would like a long hike, the walk up to the Boknafjellet radio mast is well worth it on a clear day! It is closer to Føresvik guest harbour if you don’t want too longer trudge.