Jonevika, Selen

A quiet anchorage on the southern approaches to Haugesund, the anchorage is off the channel marked between Karmsundet and Austdjupet, which passes among many small islands and bays, plenty of  which can be used as anchorages!  If you tuck in well to the bay you’ll be shelter from all directions here.


From Karmundsund pass between the Krokenesset and Gulskjer lights, the bay entrance is due east of the middle of this channel and should be easy to find. If you pass Krokane, you have gone too far!

From Austdjupet to the east you can come in through the marked channel, having passed the Krokane light the bay should be pretty much S of you.  The channel between Vågavågen and Selen is interesting to navigate, winding its way through rocky outcrops and islets. It is simple enough once you have picked out the channel markers.

Note there is a rock off the north shore of the bay at 1.4m, check charts for detials.


Anchor in the bay, the further in the better! We anchored a bit too deep when we stayed here and ended up dragging our anchor- all very traumatic but probably no fault of the anchorage! Depths are marked as 2m all the way up to the hut at the far end of the bay.

There are also a few bolts into the rock on the N shore of the bay.