Regaviga, Idsal

Quiet secluded anchorage on the SW side of Idsal

On the SW end of Idsal this shelter bay provides a great little anchorage which if your lucky you can have all to yourself. You can tie directly up against the rocks in places on the N shore, hop ashore and explore. We had a bonfire on the rocks by the boat, and if it had been a bit warmer the bay looked brilliant for swimming and fish spotting.


The bay entrance faces W and you can enter direct from Høgsfjorden on the SW side of Idse and Idsal. It is worth noting both bridges to these islands are low, so it is not possible for a sail boat to approach from the north side of the islands- you’ll have to go around.


The bay is about 5 m deep in the middle shelving towards the beach. I think waterdepths are 2m until level with the rock at the eastern end of the bay. On the northern side it is possible to tie up straight to the shore, we measured over 1.8 m again the rockface where we moored up (see the photos).  Bottom is sand. We had good holding.

Note the bay is exposed in westerly winds.

Moored to the rockface at Regavika, Idsal.