Eidesund on Ombo

Colourful houses on Ombo opposite to the Eidesholmen Anchorage.
Houses on Ombo

The island of Ombo has a perfect natural harbour on the south west corner, with the smaller island of Eidsholmen giving good protection in all wind directions. Ombo is the largest island in Ryflyke, but has no road connections to the mainland.

Facilities at Eidesund

The guest harbour (Gjestehavn) is located next to the ferry quay, the 3rd and most westerly of the pontoons for small boats (on the northern side of the built out quay area). The guest harbour has all the usual: toilets, showers, rubbish, water and electricity- it also has washing facilities, a shop and a restaurant if stores are running low or the cook is on strike.


As discussed above, guest berths are available on the 3rd, outermost pontoon. We have not stayed here as we anchored, so I am unsure of fees but I am sure it is easy to work out. We anchored in the bay on Eidsholmen, in the north west corner of the harbour. Here the bottom is sand and mud, and a snorkel investigation showed reasonable depth in the mouth of the bay. The bottom shoals quickly into the bay, but there are motorboat moorings quite far in.

Eidsholmen anchorage at Ombo, moored motor boat in the bay .
sheltered and peaceful bay for anchoring.

Most of the mooring buoys were empty when we stay, we actually picked one up in addition to our anchor as we drifted onto it- not sure if they are private or public, but nobody seemed to mind. Another alternative is to put a line to shore on the south eastern rocky outcrop where mooring bolts are listed and depths looked good up to the rock face.


There are two routes into Ombo Havn, the main and best marked route is to the south of Eidsholmen, using the Eidsund channel. Here there are rocks in the middle of the channel, however the channel markers keep you clear of these especially if you keep to the northern side of the sound.   Once into the harbour there is little to worry about other than the visiting ferries.

The second approach we did not use, but is marked as 3m on the charts and other boats were using it- including the high speed ferry. Here a narrow channel between Ombo and Eidshomen puts you out into Ombofjorden/Gapafjorden in the direction of Bjergøyna.

Eidshomen bay panoramic at Ombo, showing mooring buoys and good anchoring location.
Eidsholmen bay with sandy bottom and good holding. Bolts in the rock to the stern.