Not far from Stavanger this harbour offers an alternative to the city guest harbours. The guest quay is right outside the shopping center with supermarket and other shops. There is a marine shop and sail makers here, as well as a slip at Riska Sveise.

Alongside at Hommersåk


Hommersåk has all the usual facilities, there are toilets in the shopping center right next to the quay, and showers, washing machines etc in the boat club clubhouse. There is electricity available, I only saw 4 sockets but there might be more. Water and Diesel are listed as available on the website but I didn’t work these out when we were there.


Guest berths are marked with a green band/rope and run the width of the North end of the harbour wall directly against the shopping center. Water depths reported vary but the official website says minimum depths 1.7m, and my local man confirmed this.

When we were there a combination of our low freeboard, low tide, low pressure and a northly wind kicking up a chop meant we could only come alongside at the angled berth in the western corner, however a local chap assures me that the water level is much higher normally and our freeboard is probably only 70cm.

My second warning is this harbour should be avoided in a northerly blow- the mouth is exposed and the harbour bay funnels the waves down to the wall that is guest quay. I imagine it can get quite uncomfortable- I didn’t like it much in the 10-15 knot N winds we saw here.


The approach is fairly simple. The entrance to the harbour is behind Uskjo island so you can approach from the W or the N depending on where you are coming from. On the western approach the Nova headland and Riskaholmane island are marked with lights.

The main entrance into the harbour is between Hestvikflua and Hommersåkholmen, there us a channel behind Hommersåkholmen, but be aware of the rock (depth unmarked on På Sjøen, must check paper chart). Once in the bay head straight down past the floating pontoons to the end wall of the harbour.

What to do ashore

Hommersåk is a small town but it has a pretty harbour with a impressive waterfall at the entrance. The hiking in the surrounding countryside is very good, and the views from Lifjellet spectatucular on a clear day.

There is a fast ferry running between Hommersåk and Stavanger, download the Kolumbus ticket app to get the best price and the Kolumbus Reise app for the timetables. There is also a bus service to Sandnes.