Kvitsøy is a archipelego situated on the approaches to Boknafjord, west of Stavanger. The channels and sjøhus (sea houses) clustered alongside make this a really magical place, where the sea feels like the main street in the town.


The Town Quay at Ydstebøhamn has electricity, fresh water, toilets, showers and washing machine all packed into a small building, there is also a book swap library if you need a new read and apparently wifi too.

Payment is by the honesty box by the quay, it was 150 nok a night in 2017.


The town itself has a supermarket and a fuel dock, however this is over near the  ferry quay not the town quay.

Approach to Kvitsøy

There are as many ways to get into the Kvitsøy as there are to places to moor up- I don’t think we could cover them all even if we wanted to- so I’ll just discuss the obvious ones we used.

The most obvious approach to the town quay if coming from the south eastern approach is to follow the main ferry route in. The route is fairly easy to find, especially with the large black and white car ferry showing the way! The area looks fairly daunting on the chart, but if you keep to the channel all is well. I would not want to attempt the approach at night if it was unfamiliar but there are plenty of lit channel markers. One thing to be aware of is the currents as the sea is pushed round the island and through the channels between. The currents depend on both the wind and the tide so vary quite a lot.

Alternative approaches are marked on the chart from the south and the west, we left the town quay via the western route turning north west once past Groningen. This put you out in the direction of Skudeneshavn.

Moorings and Anchorages

    • Town Quay at Ydstebøhamn: This is the probably the most popular place to tie up at Kvitsøy. The main facilities are here, as well as a lot of interesting things to see in walking distance.

The Kommune website also has the following suggestions;

  • Røssøy: guest quay over the sound of old town quay on Rossøyna.
  • Sandrenna: guest quay in Hønsavika
  • Grøningen: Natural Harbor to the south end of the island with moorings, also the quay running north-south on the main channel to the town quay used as a guest quay.
  • Otherwise use your chart and explore the many natural bays and anchorages!

What to do ashore: 

For such a small place Kvitsøy is pretty packed with things to do! Main attractions are the Marine Traffic Centre, Kvitsøy Lighthouse (which you can go up) and the Hummermuseet (Lobster Museum).  There is plenty of info on the Kommune Website (google translate is your friend, the english version is only a summary).

In addition the “big pull” tourist sites the archipelago is stunning just to look around- there are numerous walks suggested on the Kommune website,  and this one from the UT  https://www.ut.no/tur/2.1863/ or just take a stroll trough the streets and over the bridge to Grøningen where there is a peaceful camp ground and small bay with a beach.  If you have a tender it would be a great place to explore by small boat, kayak or similar! There are lots of islands, as many as there are bones in a herring, and bays that are only accessible by boat and this is defiantly something we want to go back and do- just be a bit aware of those currents.

More info from the Kvitsøy community website.