Langevåg (Bømlo)

The small town of Langevåg offers a sheltered mooring for all conditions. The wooden quay at the furthest point west is the guest quay, and is very conveniently located for the pub and shops! This is a great stopping point to prepare/recover from the crossing of Sletta to the south.

From the guest harbour basin looking back out to sea.


The quay has water, electricity (plenty of outlets, 3 pin, 30A connector), public BBQs and picnic benches. The fuel dock is at the eastern end of the quay (pay at pump), but only has diesel. Petrol can be found at the petrol station on the road to the ferry. The shop is less than 100m away, and you can find toilets, showers and laundry in the Bygdatun right across the road. There is a cafe also in the Bygdatun, a pub on the waterfront and a marine shop just up the road if you need any spares. What more could a sailor wish for?!

A word of warning. The Bygdatun was shut and locked in the evening and morning when we were there- but it was Easter so out of season and a holiday period, so this might have something to do with it. Either way, toilets might not be open 24/7. Also the road to ferry runs straight by the harbour, this means the road is sometimes busy but it was pretty quiet all night.

The guest quay by night, in the background the pub

Approach to Langevåg

The guest quay is at the far end of a long thin sound, for want of a better word. To get here it is fairly easy to navigate using the channel markers. At the narrowest point you have to pass between a marker stick and Mjåsundflu green marker- it feels a bit counter intuitive as you go through the narrower gap, but there’s rocks to the north so…

There is a Ferry that comes in and out of the entrance, but there is plenty of room to pass so it shouldn’t be a worry.  The entrance was fairly easy to find once you have Storebleikja in sight, the ferry was a handy guide and the PSVs moored near the entrance are a good landmark too- if in.


The only guest mooring are on the wooden quay mentioned above. It looks like it gets pretty busy in summer so be prepared to raft up. Below is the live webcam so you can check how busy it is before you get there.

Langevåg webcam
Langevåg webcam featuring the guest quay (right) and pub to the left.

What to do ashore

Langevåg is a small town and has one big claim to fame- it is the site of the one of the earliest discovered “green stone” or flint quarries for arrow, axe and spears heads in Norway (I think, although I gathered all this info in a slightly dubious conversation with a local old boy who might have been pulling my leg). Either way there is an information board in the car park of the Bygdatun, flint heads feature.

The Bygdatun has occasional films and plays from what I can gather, but other than that I think just enjoy exploring the little town and surrounding area- or have a BBQ.