Useful Publications

If you’re sailing anywhere in Norway then the following publications and links are probably going to be useful for you. All if these are in English unless marked otherwise, we’ve tended to favour PDF downloads so they can be used without mobile signal.


Wave forecasts for fairways are available from Barents Watch, which also have Ice observations if your thinking of heading north.

Tide tables (website) and PDF chart (Norwegian with some English) including Svalbard and Dover.

Weather the Norwegian weather service provide a range of nautical forecasts in English, the most important being the Gale Forecasts. Text area forecasts are also available from YR in English. This forecasts is broadcast in Norwegian over the VHF working channels – but you can ask for an English version for your position at any time.  For sailing in the fjords North Utsira and South Utsira from the British Met office also cover the correct areas. The forecasts from the two weather services tend to agree which is also reassuring.


Symbols Abbreviations and Terms on Norwegian charts (PDF Download) in Norwegian and English.

The coastal mapping service have all the charts available to use online. These are excellent for passage planning and just having a good look. You can easily switch between nautical charts and walking maps so you can plan a day ashore too.

Den Norsk Los (The Norwegian Pilot) are a set of 9 PDFs – or hard back books that cover the whole of the Norwegian coast. They are only published now in Norwegian but can be useful to have to hand for details of individual harbours, fuel docks etc. They provide very good sketch charts of both commercial docks and pleasure anchorages. The Svalbard edition is still available in English. For sailing the fjords download Volume 3 Jærens rev. – Stad. The whole set can be downloaded from the mapping authority.

List of Lights – The Norwegian list of lights is available as a book (Norsk Fyrliste ISBN: 9788245020809), or PDFs that are updated daily at 6:45am. “Lights for the Western Part of Norway” is the appropriate download for the Fjords.

Safety and Seamanship

Radio Chanel Plans are provided by Telenor who operate the Kystradio (Coast Radio) service. The Navtex and MF plan is available in English, while the VHF plan for Southern Norway is only available in Norwegian – but should be easily understood.

Navigation Warnings are available as either coastal warnings or Navarea warnings. Both of these are available on the web as a live service and are repeated daily over the VHF working channels.