Line is an uninhabited island about 4nm N of Stavanger with a protected mooring quay, a mooring buoy and numerous bays to anchor in. The island has a few sheep, lots of trees and plenty of peace and quiet. There are some paths made up, or you can go for a scramble through the trees and round the coastline if you prefer!


Line has a wooden quay with good depths for about 6 boats alongside, next to the quay is rubbish facilities, toilet, obstacle course, picnic and BBQ area with shelter and gravel paths.

Boats moored at Line Uthavn, N of Stavanger.


Linehamna is the main quay on Line, on the NE corner of the island in the bay between Lineholmen and Hegrabergholmen.

From Amøyfjorden S side you can approach up Linesundet to the E of Lineholmen (the W side has rocks and shallows so should be avoided).  The quay is visible from the sound, head in between Lineholmen and Hegrabergholmen, keeping clear of the rocks on the S of Hegrabergholmen (see Charts)

From the W side of Line you can sail around the island to the N, passing S of Bru- check your charts for the rocks and markers at Raunagrunnen and Linegrunnen- there is plenty of room to get through if you plan your route. My favourite route in this way is to sail up the NW side of Line and use the channel between Hegrabergholmen and Line (2.9m waterdepth) keeping toward the S side to avoid rocks off Hegrabergholmen.

From the N in Mastrafjorden (N of Amøy) you can come under the 16m H bridge between Amøy and Sokn (if you have the air-draft) into the Linesundet and use either of the above approaches. Again, check your charts for navigation as there are a several rocks and markers that need to be navigated- but there is plenty of room to get through.

Linehamna bay on Line


There are 2 public wooden quays on Line, the main quay at Linehamna, described above is where all the facilities can be found with over 2m water depth and sheltered from all directions. There is also a small wooden quay on the W tip of the island towards Bru with space for 1 boat alongside, I don’t have water depths information yet, but we have seen keelboats alongside here.

Alternatively there is a KNBF Buoy at Linehamna you can pick up, or use the mooring bolts on Lineholmen and Hegrabergholmen with an anchor off the stern. Last but not least there are numerous bays you can anchor in and will no doubt have the place to yourself! Generally the bottom looks sandy.