Litle Teistholmen

Litle Teistholmen is a beautiful crescent island only 3 miles from Stavanger with a sandy bay, picnic area, toilet and rubbish facilities- as well as an obstacle course play area for all ages!  This was our first destination for an overnight stay and we were really impressed with the facilities on the uninhabited tiny island (apart from the sheep)! It is perfect destination to get away from it all.


The island is uninhabited so no shops or houses, but it does have a wooden piled jetty with space for about 4 boats alongside, a walk way to a toilet building- classed as accessible,  a covered picnic area with BBQs and fire pits – this area would be good to pitch a tent too, and last but not least rubbish bins.


The recommend approach to the island is from west, as there are shallows and a few rocks to the east as shown on charts. From the west the approach is simple when coming into the jetty on the east side, with no obstructions to worry about. If you plan on heading into the smaller jetty on the west side of the bay be aware that the bay is quite shallow- we don’t have any information on water depth at the pontoon or the approach but there was a medium size motorboat here when we stayed.

From the island looking east towards the shallows and rocks, we swam through the shallows and saw lots of interesting fish!

If approaching from the east keep to the norther side of the channel between Store Teistholmen and Litle Teistholmen until well into the bay. Also be aware of the large fish farm to the east of Store Teistholmen (complete with a house boat… or a house put on a boat is a better description!).

Mooring and Anchoring

You can tie up alongside the wooden jetty on the east side of the bay, here the water depth is given as 2m. Inside and shoreside berths may have slightly less water- we didn’t make a check of water depths at all positions but maybe be a little cautious if you are in there. There is also a smaller jetty on the west side of the bay, but as mentioned above we are not sure of water depths so proceed with caution and I think it is best suited to motorboats with a shallower draft than us. You can also anchor between the islands, the bottom is mostly sand and should give good holding, if you fancy you can do it the local way any put an anchor over the stern and tie the bow off to the rock face on the eastern corner of the bay, where there are a few ring bolts in the rock for this purpose.

The rather messy looking Knarr alongside the wooden quay.

Warnings and Other Notes

It should be noted that the bay is exposed in strong northerly winds. In addition were woken up a couple of times in the night as we were a little disturbed by the wake of high speed ferries that run between Stavanger and various location throughout the night- however our boat is prone to bob about a bit and we didnt have any problems as we had plenty of fenders out.

What to do on Litle Teistholmen

Picnic area with carved wooden seats

I have already mentioned the obstacle course, fire pits and BBQ area which make for some good evening entertainment. There isn’t much to “do” on the island as such- its small and uninhabited after all, but this is all part of the charm! We wandered round the island a bit, saw some porpoises and snorkelled around the island checking out the fish. The families from neighbouring boats were crabbing and fishing off the jetty and getting a great haul, later the kids were playing on the sandy beach and exploring! Another couple had been spear fishing to catch breakfast in the shallows to the east of the island- they were a bit baffled when we got out of the water empty handed I think- we should get a spear gun!